Welcome to HEFM Institute

Welcome to HEFM Institute

Hajra Education of Facility Management is the most excellent educational training center in Ajman who has the zeal to be on top by providing unique coaching for individuals. Being the finest training institute, we are the pioneers in offering career-orientated courses to the aspirant professionals. In our institute, we have been training several members and all those are now well settled with a bright career path.

As we also offer training for corporate companies, your employees can learn better courses and master them to increase productivity significantly in your company. This also helps in customer profitability for your business and boost return on investment. Moreover, our Hajra Education of Facility Management Studies is a part of the Time Training Center, which has an experience of 2 years in training students.

HEFM Vision


We want to lead the evolution of Professional training education in Middle East and facilitate every student with valued training, which is as per the global standards. Our essential goal is to deliver consistent results, earn loyalty, and empower students to grow as creative individuals who are ready to face this fast-paced market, for which we are making every effort to enhance ourselves and become the most trusted institute for quality training.


We are always on the verge to exceed the expectations of our students and corporate companies’. We earnestly work towards enhancing the lives of the students by offering them training of the highest quality from the industry experts. We also want to guide each and every individual and help them in making the right career choices and become professionally successful in this emerging creative economy.

HEFM Mission
HEFM Quality Training

Quality training

We are the most considered and loyal educational institutes in AJMAN as of now. We have proven our command over many courses and our trainers have an in-depth understanding that will help in realizing your dreams easily. Ever since our establishment, we are moving on the right path and our students have come out with flying colours. Our curriculum is the latest and as per the industry standards, which helps you in rising to the occasion and take pride in your efforts and work.

We have trained tons of students till now and looking forward to expand our stats by training even more individuals. We also strive to empower individuals both personally and professionally, which has been the key to their success as an overall individual. We are also offering short term courses for those who are interested and want to learn the course quickly. We can conclude by saying that we are the best training institute in AJMAN for educational courses training. Do join us for your training needs and see the results for yourself .

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